@HonorableCnote Speaks On Being Who We Really Are, “I said..I Respect The Real Not TRUMP!” 

“I’ll always respect real .. I don’t agree with trump but he sayin how he really feel no matter how ignorant it sounds u got some mf wearing a hooded kkk suit at night and wearing a black robe(a judge) in the day time givin niggas 50 years over some bs….that ain’t real! wear that white hooded suit to work… let ppl see who u really are .. this get so deep iont even wanna talk about it no more

I said i respect real…not trump 😐 niggas a go buy a dream from someone that feels like Donald trump but won’t ever say how they really feel … lying to you the whole time mean while setting up bills to lock more and more niggas up while they smile in ya face” – Honorable C-NOTE


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